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YOU’RE INVITED! Promote yourself at the Life Power Tip site!

Send up to 12 of your own articles and your website’s URL will be at ALL the places that the articles will be promoted (including inside the brandable book - into which ALL the 365 articles will be published).

Your articles need to be about the quotations that you see listed at Life Power Tip

Check out everything in Step 3, to better understand the project & benefits to you!

Today, this will take you ONLY minutes. Start with Step 1!
You’ll have lots of time for Step 2 in a week, or longer! Step 3 is just information.

Step 1

Cut & paste these 4 points, add your responses then, send...

 What is your name and main website URL?
 What is the size of your subscriber email list? (minimum 14,000)
 How many articles do you want to contribute? (12 maximum)
 What is your Clickbank ID and your Forward Steps Affiliate Number?
You will need to join those 2 affiliate programs to participate. Both are free to join.

Step 2

Wait for my reply! :)

My reply will send you, your links for your article topics.

My reply to you will be from no-reply[at] so please whitelist that.
Then, once you’ve heard from me, submit your articles using this button...

Step 3

Read Some Extra & Handy Information For You...

To be considered: You will have a regular emailing list of at least 14,500 people, interested in positive, self improvement topics. Your website and audience must relate to personal development, self growth, self improvement interests and/or will be a perfect fit for the Forward Steps audience. Your website must also have either your name on it and/or an image of you. It should also have a way for people to contact you. You must own the domain for URLs that you link to your article(s).

Collaboration agreement: click here to read the agreement. You will be asked to agree when submitting your article(s).

Article topic(s), length, bio: See best example of ideal article length and author credit at Believe You Can. Your article will be based on, and completely related to, a quotation image that I send you. If you do have a burning desire to write for a particular image/quote, then by all means, request it of me and I’ll let you know if it is available (on 17 Oct., numbers 1-56, 59-60, 63, 65, 73, inclusive, are already taken).

You can submit up to 12 articles AND each article can have a different URL & author Bio from you, as long as you own the website’s domain AND that it matches the criteria. See criteria at “To be considered”, above. It is fine to publish your article(s) elsewhere, your article(s) remain yours.

Once all 365 articles are completed, I’ll do my best to see that articles in the book & at the Life Power Tip site are “mixed”, so no two of your articles are next to each other. Until then & temporarily, your articles will be published consecutively.

Authors already participating:
Michael Lee, Chris Cade, Nick Pfennigwerth, Andreas Ohrt, Christopher Westra, Geoff Wilkins, Cyndi Krupp, Heide Holtz,Thea Westra, and more on the way...

Our articles will be published/promoted at:
  In a PDF book at a site similar to How To Create Future
  In a physical paperback book
  At a few Youtube videos for the book (example How To Create Your Future)
  At a site similar to rebranding 179 Forward Steps
  As individual posts at Forward Steps blog
  Images linked at Forward Steps Notes sent to all Forward Steps subscribers.
  Images linked at Forward Steps Pinterest
  In a text PDF download, and also at Scribd & Slideshare in image pdfs.
  In Aweber email series of 365 emails, each with link back to your article.
  Images are hosted at Photobucket which appears in search engine results
  Search “life power tip” in search engines & see that it’s already showing up
  All the places that each author (including myself), might promote their branded copy of the book e.g. an opt-in gift page like How To Create Your Future
  Plus more, as you/I think of other opportunities! E.g. gifts offered in email exchanges with non-participating web owners.

Thea Westra

P.S. GET IN QUICK! If all invited authors choose to contribute their maximum offer of 12 articles then there will only be room for a total of 30 collaborators, including myself. I hope that you’ll be one of them and I’ll see you inside!

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