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“Do not wait; the time will never be “just right”. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” –Napoleon Hill Forward Steps Pin It

The Best Time Is Now (Even When It’s Not!)

Perfection is the surest path to mediocrity. This seems contradictory, yet the truth of it can be seen everywhere. No more evident was this than the “Dot Com Boom” of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. New websites and technologies were popping up everwhere. Ideas were coming into reality at an unbelievably fast rate. Companies that tried to make their product perfect were left in the dust... only to be surpassed by anybody who did something faster with “just good enough” quality.

The theme was “Ready, Fire, Aim.” The product or website didn’t have to be perfect. It had to be good enough to capture interest, gain users or customers, and then leverage that interest to create a better product. I know. I worked for several companies and startups during that era, and I watched them all go under. They suffered a very simple problem: They tried to do the same thing as other companies, but better. They tried to be perfect at what they did. It didn’t work though because the other companies that were faster and used the extra jump on their competitors to get feedback, make mistakes, adapt, and then move forward quickly with the next version of their offering. They had the advantage of momentum and growth on their side.

The same is true of our personal transformation.

Many times we have an ideal vision of an outcome. We define what we want and we draw it out in detail. If not on paper, at least in our minds or in our hearts. We get clear on the things we want that would make our lives better. Or in the case of transforming our inner world, we start to see who we want to be. We say, “I want to have all the confidence to be in a great relationship”, or we decide that we’re going to leave our jobs to start a business doing what we love. Maybe all we want is a better, higher-paying job. These dreams and goals are all fine and wonderful.

However, we must understand that it is not necessary to have perfection before we take the first step towards those goals. We don’t have to have a business plan before we start following our passions and dreams. We can take one small step today. Write a blog post. Coach a friend. Ask for advice. Every small step matters.

And while many Law of Attraction teachers will tell us we must become the person we want to be in a relationship with, the reality is that we don’t have to be a "perfect partner" before we can start going on dates. We don’t have to have all our “issues” worked out before we are "good enough" for our future partner. And we don’t have to have the better body, more money, or nicer house before we can show our best qualities to potential mates. What we must have is the willingness, courage, and perseverence to grow into that person.

When it comes to work, we don’t have to gain all the perfect skills for the next job we want before we apply for it. Trust me, I know this one from personal experience. Every job during the "Dot Com Boom" I had was one that I wasn’t technically qualified for. In fact, I recall one interview for an Internet Provider startup where they kept asking me technical questions that I had no answer to. They wanted to know about internet connections, printers, DNS, gateways, IP addresses, and all sorts of foreign words to me. Heck, I was lucky just to get paper in a printer and get it to produce the printout I wanted! And every question they asked me was about how to guide a person to resolve the problems of these foreign words.

And yet I got the job. Why? Because everytime they asked me a question, I said, “I don’t know. But if you teach me, I’ll learn it and I’ll do it well.” Yes, one entire hour of repeating different variations of the same theme: I don’t know, but I’ll grow until I do know. I may not know how to do it, but I can and will. AND, I’ll do it well.

For the next few weeks they taught me. They had me listen in on other peoples’ calls. Then they had me take calls. I made mistakes. I had managers listening to my calls when I made those mistakes. But they didn’t punish me. They taught me. They helped me. And within the first two weeks, I quickly became one of the best tech support people they ever had, despite knowing very little about computers at the time.

I share these stories of technology because they illustrate that the world belongs not to those who seek perfection, but rather, those who seek growth. Those who are willing to take the first steps into an unknown territory and trust that they can learn what they need to learn.

The most important skill, or perhaps attitude you can have, is the one that you will grow and learn from all your experiences. Just like my managers did not judge my mistakes as failures, you should not judge yourself for your mistakes either. Allow your mistakes to be what they truly are: opportunities to refine yourself, your vision, and your plan. Allow them to teach you and help you grow into the person you need to be to reach those fantastic dreams and goals of yours. With this perspective, your mistakes become stepping stones that bring you closer to your goals one step at a time.

Mistakes also have another hidden gift that we often forget. They give you direction. Without mistakes, you wouldn’t know where and how to improve. In my opinion, growing through mistakes is the path of “true perfection”. It is a path in which perfection is not judged against others, but rather, against our ability to try again. Though if I were to advise at all, for now I would say to let go of your old ideas of perfection. Let go of the idea that things must look or be a certain way before you can begin living your life and going after your biggest dreams. Own the moment. Take charge of yourself. And allow the perspective and opportunities of growth to be what guide you.

The time will never be “perfect” to start on the path of your dreams. The time will never be “just right” for all the conditions to make your life easy. Growth only occurs when there is challenge, and challenge only occurs when the conditions are not “just right”. When you wait for that perfect moment, you’ll be stuck in a state of inaction. You’ll be stuck in the deep recesses of your mind imagining what might be, what could be... instead of creating what is and what will become.

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